ihug -- New Zealand telco before Vodafone bought them

Relaunch ihug from ISP into a full telecommunications provider.

Worked to transform ihug from an ISP into a full telco provider, servicing the New Zealand market. As a challenger brand, ihug took on Telecom in a big way. ihug was everywhere: television, radio, online, DM, billboards, sponsorship, press.

The campaign worked so well, Vodafone ended up purchasing ihug to extend its core services deeper into the home market. 

My roles: Concepts, Copywriter, Creative Director, Agency Producer.
Smiley, the lovable ihug icon.
Single thought to set up the TV campaign. This fitted with their icon, but also with the sentiment that communication should be an easy and happy experience. So ihug became the ultimate connection.
DM piece targeting Telecom customers. Was also part of a friend get friend campaign.
Cheeky online banner.
Cheeky online banner.
The guys referred to above were the team on television promoting Telecom broadband. We decided it was time to take a swipe at them. An animated viral ad was also created.
This piece and the two below were printed on large Post-it notes and attached to the front of the national daily newspapers.
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